Pop-up Virtual Reality Experience

Our pop up virtual business is an event style virtual reality business that can be used in many different applications. It can be run as a seasonal event, a promotional attraction, or a mobile demonstration. Licenses are sold by the event. Pop Up VR is focused on high volume, quick turnaround experiences. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for a profitable small business opportunity to add to your income or you are a business looking for a way to drive traffic or interest, our Pop Up VR business is perfect for you!

New Releases

Hospital of Horror

Hospital of Horror is the first virtual reality haunted house pop up business. Virtual reality brings a level of immersion never seen before in the halloween haunted house scene. Users explore an old and decrepit hospital and get the scare of their lives.




The room itself requires very little build out, and just requires a clear open space of 15 by 18 feet. We use a combination of HTC Vives and VR backpacks to deliver our tetherless VR content (the complete equipment requirements are found in our recommended startup package). Please contact us for details.

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