Virtual Escape Room

Our virtual reality escape room platform is designed to fit in most traditional escape room businesses. It can also work in several other applications such as amusement parks, entertainment businesses, or pop-up seasonal businesses. Licenses are sold by the room (up to 4 players). With it is included a content track of unique content refreshed every 6 months. Each license also comes with access to a content library of escape rooms that can be queued up for users at any time with the press of a button.

Escape Room Businesses

Virtual Reality offers many benefits to escape room owners. The obvious advantage of VR is it opens up so many things that cannot be done in a traditional escape room. Reactions to our first release, Space Station Tiberia (SST) have been incredibly positive! SST allows you to do something totally different from your competition. It also allows for many efficiencies. You can forget about the cost and work required to build a new room. With the press of a button, you can change the escape to anything else available in our content library increasing utilization rates of your room. Reset times or lost puzzle items are a thing of the past.

New Releases

Space Station Tiberia

Our first release is set on the Space Station Tiberia, a wounded space station equipped with a laser that defends Earth from the threat of asteroids. Your mission is to restore the critical systems of the station including the laser itself and save the world from an asteroid that is just 30 minutes away from earth.



The room itself requires very little build out, and just requires a clear open space of 15 by 18 feet. We use a combination of HTC Vives and VR backpacks to deliver our tetherless VR content (the complete equipment requirements are found in our recommended startup package). Please contact us for details.

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