Our Product

We offer a different virtual reality experience

Our virtual reality platform allows multiplayer cooperation, in-game object interaction and a deeper feeling of immersion than most game experiences. Up to four players can adventure through our games together in a shared virtual environment.

We keep upgrading

Our software platform integrates the latest virtual reality technology, including wireless game play. We use the best room-scale virtual reality that technology has to offer, and we are constantly updating our platform to incorporate new hardware technologies.

We keep your customers happy

Our service is inexpensive for you and inexpensive for your customers. Their brief excursions will keep them coming back for more and telling others about their experience.

Our product is simple for employees to operate. And since they’re your number one brand ambassadors, we want them to enjoy their experience too.

We’re spatially considerate

Our standard system only takes up 15 x 18 feet in your building. Our product fits into most amusement parks and entertainment facilities.

We set you apart

We cap the distribution of vrCAVE content, so you don't need to worry about your next-door neighbor having the same product.

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